The Poetry and Fiction Zine

Submission Period Open!


Mission: “To create a platform for first-time publications, and to provide another alternative for seasoned authors. Our goal is to help people find a voice when they feel alone or lost in the darkness of society.”

What type of poetry/fiction/artwork do we want? Anything, but please remember that if you do not believe your work cannot be shown in a public movie theater (in the very least a soft R rating), then this is probably not the appropriate zine for you. We do not pay our contributors, only in recognition. 🙂

  • Poetry no more than 32 lines (please do not center poems)

  • Flash fiction ~200 words

  • Fiction no more than 1,000 words

  • Art/Photograph must be in Jpeg format.


  1. Please, no double dipping. Do not send works that have been published elsewhere. Please only send unpublished material.
  2. All submissions must include a fun two-line biography
  3. Please no “inappropriate” photography or artwork
  4. Cursing is fine.
  5. Three short stories will be selected for the zine to help keep the publication small.
  6. No limits for poetry or flash fiction of how many will be accepted.
  7. Have fun!


Yay you found the bottom of the page! This means you most likely read the whole page and now you are ready to submit. Please send all submissions to:

Please attach your poetry/fiction/artwork and put your two-line bio in the subject box.