herstories cover

By Kathy Silvey Hall

Illustrations by Elisa Lugo

A global, multigenerational meditation on women’s shared experiences, Herstories confronts the past and present with gimlet-eyed honesty. The poems invite the reader to re-examine both the women of history and the men who have limited the telling of their stories. They celebrate the courage of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault and the hope at the center of every bond between women. They speak the deep pain, the transcendent joy, and the fertile fury of women everywhere.

Kathy Silvey Hall is a Pushcart-nominated poet, author, humorist, and editor whose work has appeared in the LA Fiction Anthology by Red Hen Press, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Chiron Review, and Literary Alchemy. She teaches composition and literature at Santiago Canyon College.

Elisa Lugo is a Californian based artist working at Assailant Studios. Her work has been featured in many issues of Literary Alchemy Press’ Poetry and Fiction Zine.

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