Currently there is only one person running this blog site; however, I do plan on adding more people to the blog and adding featured blog posts.


Mission: “To create a platform for first-time publications, and to provide another alternative for seasoned authors. Our goal is to help people find a voice when they feel alone or lost in the darkness of society.”

The first issue of the zine will be out at the end of summer.

About the Editor

Francesca Terzano:

I grew up in the magical kingdom of the Inland Empire in Southern California. I was a slow reader as a child; therefore, I watched many hours of television and movies. However, in the fourth grade, I discovered that I have dyslexia and understood why reading was so hard for me.

When I turned eleven a friend mine found out I loved the Sailor Moon anime, and she handed me the manga. This is when I fell in love with comic books, and my sixth-grade teacher saw me make a complete 360 from trying from forcing me to read to suddenly reading manga non-stop. When I entered junior high, another friend of mine let me borrow a book that was only text. I was nervous at first; however, she told me not to worry because it was funny. She was right, and I fell in love with reading and writing.

I have my B.A in English, and my M.A in Literature and Rhetoric.

I love nerd culture, mythology, and literature. Therefore, you will notice my blogs will maintain one of or all three of these subjects.

However, the issues of Literary Alchemy Fiction and Poetry Zine will maintain a mixture of themes from all the wonderful authors and artist who submit to the zine.