Will Destiny 2 Maintain a Better Story?

Destiny 2 was announced at E3, and there are many concerns that once again Destiny 2 will be another installment of a well-designed game that lacks an in-depth story. This is unfortunate for Bungie who has great story telling games, suchas, the Halo series underneath their belts. However, maybe there is some hope with footage of the beta being released?

With IGN releasing early footage of the Beta mission, it seems as if Bungie is taking a different approach to Destiny 2. The mission entitled “Homecoming” starts by giving characters that have little personality in the first game receive a full character developmental makeover. These characters are the leaders of the class’ vanguards: Ikora Rey, Commander Zavala, and Cayde-6. Cayde-6 receives the most character development by sharing characteristics with Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy films due to his sense of humor; whereas, the other two maintain a more serious disposition. The story begins in 4k graphics, and the Cabal are attacking The Last City and the guardian’s headquarters, The Tower. The player is able to see the Vanguard leaders in full action instead of meeting them behind a desk as they do in Destiny, and the player learns why the Vanguard leaders rises to the top of their ranks. They display their powers and battle tactics. This adds to the story so far.

The Cabal attack The Traveler, and The Speaker is missing and the character must find him and then attack the core of the ship that is leading the attack. At first, this is similar to typical missions from Destiny. The player runs through a map of the tower with the only difference being it is in ruins, and the boss appears with a yellow health bar. However, the story helps add more to the missions, and new areas of the tower are revealed. The mission ends with a cliff hanger, and Destiny 2 appears across the screen. Does this beta and the story developed DLC “The Taken King” from Destiny adds hope that to Destiny 2 having a better developed story.


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