The Two Big Issues Everyone has with Wonder Woman: Doctor Poison and Ares



*Warning this article maintains spoilers*

Everyone loves the new Wonder Woman, including myself, because we finally have a great DC movie and with a female lead. However, people tend to have two major issues with the Wonder Woman film and that is Doctor Poison’s face disfigurement and the fact that Ares is “some old guy.”

Let us address Doctor Poison’s face disfigurement first. The main issue with this character is a long standing problem within Hollywood since the black and white monster era of Universal. Villains are usually disfigured, hence displaying how evil they are. This makes people in the modern era (and probably back then as well) feel alienated and bullied. This is a major issue that Hollywood must address and stop; however, I feel like Doctor Poison should be an exception to this stereotype. I am not saying people with disabilities and body disfigurements are villains. What I am saying is that Doctor Poison’s face disfigurement is a cause of her own twisted actions. If you watch closely during the scene in Wonder Woman when Diana is in the war room in London a brief picture of Doctor Poison is seen and she does not have her face mask on, and there is no disfigurement on her face.


Therefore, she was not born with her face like this, and it is a result of her own evil antics of working with poison to kill people. This is her karma and a constant physical reminder that she is an awful person helping in a war that she must address every day in her life. Could the movie have done this in a different way? Yes. However, the movie is not saying she is a villain because of her face disfigurement, but it is her evil actions that result in the permanent damage to her face.

Next is the fact that Ares is some old guy, and many complained that this is not Ares. In the comics he is buff and wears armor, and this is true. However, we must remember that when these DC movies were in development by the awful director that is Zac Snyder this was in the New 52 cycle of comics. Wonder Woman the movie takes influence from this universe with Diana being a daughter of Zeus and not sculpted from clay and being brought to life by Aphrodite. Guess what else receives an influenced from the New 52? Ares is some old guy!


Gasp! All of the Gods and Goddess receive a remodel in Wonder Woman’s New 52 issues, and I actually enjoyed Ares as an old cranky character who just wants to get away from his family’s drama. I was not too surprised when Sir Patrick turned out to be Ares. I simply thought “Oh they are using more New 52 influence.” However, everyone is claiming that this is not Aries. But it is, just in a different universe. Some people are purist and want their favorite heroes to be exactly like the comics. But I always have the mindset that there is a time to be a purist and a time to realize that they actually did take influence from the comics.

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