1st Weekly Writing Prompt- Five Senses and Food


Hello everyone! My current blog post is taking a while to write; therefore, I decided that excellent way to have weekly posts is to organize weekly writing prompts for not only myself to write but for everyone to join in. These post will probably not be posted on Saturdays but instead on Wednesdays. I am posting this one today because I am attending an open mic tonight, and thought maybe some people might want to write down a quick poem before they attend tonight.

Today’s prompt is write a Poem or Flash Fiction about your favorite food using the five senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, and hear. Using the five senses is a perfect way to help practice the creative writing rule “show not tell” for those who feel they do not have enough practice with discerption. The only rule is avoid using “ly” words and use the sense to help describe your favorite food.

Please write your poems in the comments. Please use constructive criticism if you want to critique someone’s writing.

Here is my poem.


“French Fries”


The smell of salt tickles the hairs in my nose,

They sizzle with bubbles that pop on their golden skin

As the waitress sets them on the table. The long tiny

Rectangles make my lips dampen.

As I pick up one of these golden beauties, the grease

Almost makes it slip out of my fingers. The salt crystals

Remain on my fingertips as I bring it to my mouth,

Feeling the warmth on my lips. The little bumps on my tongue

Sing as I chew on the:

Salt, starch, saturated fat, grease, and gluten

Of the once proud plant buried under the earth.

My legs clench together, and a moan

Escapes my lips.


I open my eyes to see my boyfriend’s eyebrow

Is raised at the sound he

Knows all too well that escaped my mouth.

“We are in public.” He says to me.

“Doesn’t stop you scratching yourself in public,”

And I reach for another fire.


Please post your poems.

2 thoughts on “1st Weekly Writing Prompt- Five Senses and Food

  1. I wrote this as I watched SNL.

    Mac and Cheese

    A small blue square
    Within it’s content bares
    A deciluous dish that leaves me
    With money to spare.

    The crooked shapes, tan
    You can count me always a fan
    But you know,  I would never
    Eat it out of a can.

    Into a bubbling pot that roars
    My pounding heart does soar
    And just in a decade of minutes it’s soft,
    Warm to the touch, and ready to pour
    Now for the mixing
    The dandelion colored fixing
    A cow’s labor, both pasteurized and turned
    And grounded peppercorn all affixing

    Encased by cheesy flavor
    I will always savor
    The salty, once dehydrated meal
    That’s jam packed with favor.

    -Nancy M. Orozco


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