Thoughts on Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo


With Pokémon’s newest generation of games coming out in one month, today people received a tease of the game with the new demo release. Here is what I liked and disliked about the demo.

*spoilers ahead if you have not played the demo yet*


What I enjoyed:


  1. The Alola region is beautiful!

They put so much work into the design of this region, and it looks more like a tropical paradise then Hoenn. This makes sense because Alola is based on Hawaii;  however, Hoenn is my favorite region, and I know a lot of people complain that there is too much water, but I always loved Hoenn’s beach front views and tropical oceans, and now we will have more of this in the new generation of games.

The characters are also no longer tiny versions of themselves when they walk in the world. That was one of my biggest issues with generation VI. We finally received a three dimensional world, but our characters were still in a somewhat chibi form unless it was a certain cut scene or we were battling.

  1. Your mom seems a little too happy.

I know this seems like this might be a bad thing, but considering how unhappy your parents’ marriage was in Alpha Saphire and Omega Ruby, and how miserable your mom was because she wanted to spend time with her husband and her child was away on an adventure, it is nice to see how happy and easy going your mom is in this game. Maybe it is because Professor Kukui never has his shirt on. These professors seem to only become more attractive with every generation.


  1. You can now view stat changes during a battle.

We know how Pokémon battle mechanics work in the games. Your opponents Pokémon uses a move that affects your stats like Growl or Tail Whip, and sometimes you just forget which one is lowered until you attack and your speed is slower . Well no fear! The demo lets you click on a Pokémon and see what stats were lowered or were raised. Also, so far from what I have seen the battle system has not changed too much aside from Z moves; however, this is only the demo.


  1. Pikachu on your hat

This is a short one, but there is a brief scene where Professor Kukui’s Pikachu is on your hat. It is just adorable.


  1. The Rock Dog

Go ahead say that Pokémon is running out of ideas and this just looks like a regular dog, but this rock dog is an adorable puppy. He is perfect for your humid adventure in Alola. Finally we get a puppy Pokémon with flappy ears. I think the reason why I like him so much is he looks like my very first dog, Happy.


  1. Camera Feature

This is a nice homage to one of Pokémon’s popular 64 games Pokémon Snap, and it looks like a Rotom has possessed your camera. Though so far it seems like you cannot zoom, this is still a fun feature to add. We will see how they develop it in the full game.


  1. No more HMs?

Looks like this time around you will be riding Pokémon who help you overcome obstacles instead of wasting move slots! That is awesome and what us fans have been asking for! We might not get your Pokémon partner following you around such as in Yellow or Heart Gold and Soul Silver, but I will accept no more HMs for not having a Pokémon follow me around.


Now here is a list of things I did not like:


  1. You can only play as a Boy

No matter your gender in the demo you can only play as Sun, this generation’s male character. I understand this is an homage to generation I. In the first generation you could only play as the male character, Red. However, even as a child this bothered me because I believed only boys could become Pokémon masters. Now I know this is not true, but I wish I could have played as a girl in the demo and completely integrated myself into the Pokémon world as Moon.


  1. Yungoos

I know every generation has to have their signature small mammal Pokémon, but come on Yungoos is just ugly. I do not plan on catching one.


  1. It’s all Just a tease

After you play the demo you just feel like it is a giant tease and you just want more. I know that is what demos are, but I just want to explore this beautiful region and collect more Pokémon! November 18th cannot come sooner.

Play the Sun and Moon Demo? Tell me your thoughts.

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